Don’s work shows a deep spiritual emotion, with intensity of colour, often surrounded by black. He describes his expressions as, “Windows of My Soul”.

Born in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada in 1938 to Ojibway parents from the Alderville Reserve on Rice Lake, Don’s Native heritage along with his Anglo Christian influences have made for a unique genre in modern art.

“I try to create a Spiritual connection with the person viewing my work, it’s not necessarily a religious thing, but I want to interpret my inner most emotions that live inside all of us. I’m compelled to express how I feel and present it in a bold manner. I think that makes for interesting art work .....”

His passion for the fine arts was fuelled through his business career in the graphics arts industry, where he started to experiment with different media. From oil and acrylic painting, epoxy sculptures and bronze reproductions to his dramatic cast paper sculptures.

Evolving his own method of mold making, Don's pieces are all "one of a kind", the original and mold are broken away and the resulting figure can only be reproduced in bronze with his permission.

"Creation of the Redman", an 8' x 4' acrylic is on display in the foyer of Tom Longboat Public School in Scarborough, Ontario. This extraordinary piece of art, involving six months of hard work is a beautiful example of both his love for his heritage and his exceptional talent.

Don Chase's talent has taken him across the country displaying his pieces in a number of art shows and exhibits. His works have been exhibited in a number of art galleries in and around Toronto, as well as the Canadian National Exhibiton. His dedication to Native art resulted in a half hour TV special called Native Express.

Don’s phenomenally successful work can also be found in galleries and private collections across Canada, The United States, Europe and Australia.

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When painting Don experiments with several surface materials, board, canvas, and paper are to name a few.

Paint is usually acrylic with ventures into oil and water colours from time to time.

Acrylic on board is generally his choice of medium. The way the paint lays down on both the smooth and textured sides of the board seem to compliment Don's painting style.

Paintings on the textured surface have a matte finish and absorb light incredibly well, giving off next to no glare. Work done in this style tends to have a soft feel enticing the person viewing to fall deep inside the images.

Work with smooth finishes are exceptionally bright and bold in manner.

Images are projected with intensity bursting with colour, catching your eye immediately if not mesmerizing you. This look portrays a strong statement that enlightens your decor.

No matter what medium Don chooses to work with, the result is always a unique example of modern art at its finest.

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